Blue ocean Diving Centres Egypt

Blue Ocean, operates its diving centres from Abu Dabbab Beach Marsa Alam, Hilton Nubian Marsa Alam, Paradise Club Shoni Bay Marsa Alam, Nubia Aqua Beach Resort Hurghada and Old Palace Resort Sahl Hasheesh. Our locations have been chosen very carefully for strategic reasons. We choose them for your comfort and convenience. We are on the doorstep of the most desirable diving and snorkeling locations of the Red Sea in Egypt. Whenever you dive or snorkel with us or where ever you dive and snorkel with us, you’re away closest to the action!

Blue Ocean Diving Centres Red Sea

You may be familiar with snorkeling or ‘skin diving’. You may already know the thrill of the underwater wonders of the Red Sea.

Why not take a step closer into the wonderful and fascinating world of scuba diving. We teach people diving and we’re very good at it!

After completion of your first dive course your holidays in the Red Sea will never be the same again!

Teaching. Guiding. Training. Sharing knowledge. Environment. Customer Awareness.

We pursue excellence in each and every department and discipline.

It’s in everyone’s interest, both divers and diving centres, to preserve continuity of the quality of life in the Red Sea. Therefore we also strive for the excellence of our guests. We kindly appeal to your commitment to contribute to the protection of the wonderful underwater world of the Red Sea.


Our students become family to us because they feel like brothers and sisters to us. And our family is getting bigger. We entertain more and more students day after day. Welcome to our family! Welcome to the club!


Now, what could be one of the most enjoyable aquatic pastimes for visitors to the Red Sea?

Look no further. We’re talking diving!. Diving in the Red Sea will open an unrivalled beautiful underwater panorama for you. Diving is great fun. Diving makes new friends!

Blue Ocean Diving centres Locations

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