Blue Ocean Company Profile

Who Are We? We Are Blue Ocean!

Blue Ocean is the benchmark and inspirational key player in the world of diving in the Red Sea in Egypt. Blue Ocean from Egypt talks, lives and breathes diving and snorkelling. We have been around in the local tourist and hospitality sector since 2005.

Where Are We? We Are Where The Action Is!

Now, what could be one of the most enjoyable aquatic pastimes for visitors to the Red Sea? Look no further. We’re talking underwater adventures! Snorkelling and diving are socializing activities ‘par excellence’. At Blue Ocean  you make new international friends and here you open the window to the fantastic underwater panorama’s the Red Sea is so rich with.

Blue Ocean operates its diving centres from Abu Dabbab Beach Marsa Alam, Hilton Nubian Marsa Alam and Nubia Aqua Beach Resort Hurghada. The opportunities and choices to make in the Red Sea, with so many of her unique locations with fantastic marine life, are almost without limits. And that is exactly where you will find where Blue Ocean is- in the heart of things where the action is!

Where Do We Go? We Go To The Finest Diving And Snorkelling Spots!

Blue Ocean’s diving destinations are simply second to none. We offer you all kinds of marine life cavorting around coral formations.

The Red Sea has a lot of underwater gems in store for you. And that is where Blue Ocean comes in to show you the wonderful Red Sea flora and fauna with its dolphins, sharks, turtles and dugongs. Here they live in peace and harmony in a rich decor of hard and soft corals in every hue and shade of the rainbow.

We go where the finest diving and snorkelling spots are. We go where divers and snorkelers can still enjoy the remarkable underwater world of the Red Sea. We go where the bowmouth guitarsharks and the bullethead parrotfish are!

What Do We Do? We Bring The Red Sea Nearer To You!

We teach people diving and snorkelling and we’re very good at it! We organize diving and snorkelling adventures and we are very good at it! Blue Ocean’s staff enjoys what they do with great passion. They are as dedicated to diving and snorkelling as you are. We are very passionate about teaching you and diving with you. Blue Ocean operates with multilingual and international instructors to meet the demand of our international students, regulars and their guests.

Our centres cover the services and courses of mainstream providers such as PADI, IHAD and DAN. After completion of your first dive course your holidays in the Red Sea will never be the same again! It’s our motivation and our ambition to make you feel like a fish in the water. We care and it shows. Every single day. Welcome to the club!

What Else Do We Do? We Pursue Excellence!

We teaching, guide, train, share knowledge and care for our close environment. We are aware of our customers demands; every single day. It’s in everyone’s interest, both divers and diving centres, to preserve continuity of the quality of life in the Red Sea.

Therefore we pursue excellence in each and every department and discipline. Therefore we also strive for the excellence of our guests, students and regulars.

What Keeps Us Going? Our Passion And Dedication!

We are one of the key players in the continuous promotion of the Red Sea’s aquatic environmental awareness. Blue Ocean operates in close harmony with HEPCA (Environmental Protection and Conservation Association), an internationally recognized NGO, specialized in the field of marine and land conservation. We are passionately dedicated to the protection of its flora and fauna and marine life and vivid promoters of HEPCA’s advanced Turtle WatchProgram to monitor movements, abundance and distribution of the Red Sea’s turtles community.

We also play a pivotal role in helping protecting our dolphin friends and contribute to sustainable dolphin tourism in the Red Sea by acting with plain common sense on a diving or snorkelling trip. We kindly appeal to the commitment of our students, regulars and their guests to contribute to the protection of the wonderful underwater world of the Red Sea.

Blue Ocean is fully aware of the significance of Egypt’s heritage. Therefore we also operate in close harmony with National Parks and reservations in the Marsa Alam region to protect and preserve nature and create environmental awareness, following our motto  ‘Nature First’.

Where Can You Find Us? Where The Best Spots Are!

Blue Ocean’s diving centres cover a large stretch of the Red Sea shore, located in Hurghada at the Nubia Aqua Beach Resort Hurghada and Old Palace Resort Sahl Hasheesh and further down south in Marsa Alam at Abu Dabbab Beach , Hilton Nubian and Paradise Club Shoni Bay. Our locations have been chosen very carefully for strategic reasons. We choose them for the comfort and convenience of students, regulars and guests. We are on the doorstep of the most desirable diving and snorkelling locations in the Red Sea in Egypt.

Whenever you dive or snorkel with us or where ever you dive and snorkel with us, with our fleet of own well-equipped saloon boats, you’re away closest to the action!

Abu Dabbab Beach Marsa Alam

We are located right in the centre of Abu Dabbab Beach, from where you can wade straight into the Red Sea from the white beach. Popular destinations: Elphinstone Reef and Om Halhalla.

Hilton Nubian Marsa Alam

You can find our stand at the reception of the Hilton Nubia. Our diving and snorkelling centre is right on the beach.  Popular destinations: Sha’ab Samadai (Dolphin House) and Coral Garden.

Paradise Club Shoni Bay Marsa Alam

Here, the facilities of our diving centre on the beach are second to none. Popular destinations: Marsa Shoni, Sha’ab Abu Dabbab.

Nubia Aqua Beach Resort Hurghada

You’ll find our diving centre at the far end of the resort, centrally located on a terraced beach. Popular destinations: Sha’ab El Erg, Umm Gamaar.

Old Palace Resort Sahl Hasheesh

Our diving centre on the beach is yet another recipe for diving fun with Blue Ocean. Popular destinations: Abu Hashish, Sha’ab Eshta, Gota Abu Ramada.

+2 01028599 066 / info@blueocean-eg.com

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